Melissa Archer-Wirtz

Melissa Archer-Wirtz

CONLON/Christie's International Real Estate, Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Melissa Archer-Wirtz

Melissa Archer-Wirtz leverages her extensive experience in marketing, business operations and executive administration to help ensure CONLON/Christie’s perennial standing as Chicagoland's premier boutique real estate brokerage. As Chief Operating Officer, she ideates creative strategies that showcase the company’s unparalleled expertise in helping buyers and sellers. Not only does she support the city’s most experienced agents to fulfill clients’ real estate goals, but she also expertly and innovatively articulates their talent to do so. As a result, CONLON/Christie’s boasts a stellar reputation as a bellwether in real estate in the U.S. and abroad.

Melissa began her career with a large, new home developer, where she strengthened her sales, marketing and human capital management skills. Her exposure to market data and trend analysis while there helped hone her branding ability on which she continues to rely to uniquely position the CONLON/Christie’s name. The transition to become Sean Conlon’s executive assistant permitted Melissa the opportunity to work alongside the highly respected entrepreneur for over three years prior to his launch of the renowned brokerage. More than a decade later, her responsibilities have included not only oversight of all CONLON/Christie’s marketing, but also the recruitment, engagement and retention of its agents.

Melissa’s deep knowledge of the city and its suburbs as well as her ardent attention to industry research ensure that CONLON/Christie’s marketing is methodical yet groundbreaking. Her imaginative campaigns have included wrapping Chicago buses in famous artwork to highlight the brokerage’s connection to the world’s leading art house as well as prominent placement on city billboards and in Architectural Digest and The Wall Street Journal.  Her dedication to detail and background in large tract-home development proved to be much needed when she was tasked with renovating and selling 130 condominium units on the near north side of Chicago which nearly doubled the investors’ original investment.  Her unquestionable savvy for generating visibility for the brokerage and its products has earned Melissa recognition in Chicago Agent Magazine’s “Who’s Who in Real Estate” and Michigan Avenue Magazine’s “The List.”

In addition to her professional pursuits, Melissa possesses an enduring commitment to charitable causes. She was the first Peace Corps intern, where she supported the organization’s efforts to make a difference in the lives of people in Africa, and has tutored autistic and inner city youth as a community volunteer. She has also wed her sense of civic responsibility with her CONLON/Christie’s role by directing the company’s annual charity golf tournament, which has more than doubled in the number of participants since its inception. A resident of Riverside with her husband and puppy, she credits CONLON/Christie’s achievements to the tenacity and hard work of its people even as she looks forward to continuing to build upon the brokerage’s success with the best team in real estate.

Melissa is a graduate of the University of Iowa with degrees in political science and international development.

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