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18 April 2017 CNBC
Tony Robbins argues that hunger is the most important indicator of success. Self-made real estate tycoon Sean Conlon explains that his own hunger comes from his modest upbringing and immigrant story. Growing up, Conlon's family of seven lived in a 1,000-square-foot home in a small Irish village of... [Read More]
14 April 2017
CNBC Not all house flips have happy endings. In fact, many intrepid newbie investors lose their shirts. And that's what appears to be on tap in the latest episode of "The Deed: Chicago"—that is, unless host Sean Conlon can work a miracle. All started out OK for... [Read More]
12 April 2017 CNBC
Should you buy or should you rent? According to the numbers, renting is cheaper in every state as well as the District of Columbia. Still, real estate mogul Sean Conlon, star of CNBC's "The Deed: Chicago," says you should buy. "I am a true believer that you save every penny and you buy your first... [Read More]
07 April 2017
CNBC Investing in real estate is a venture that many dream of, but very few can do right. Just ask Sean Conlon, the Irish-born janitor-turned-millionaire real estate maven who is now the host of CNBC’s “The Deed: Chicago”—a reality TV show in which he... [Read More]
05 April 2017
WATCH THE VIDEO: When it comes to his money, real estate entrepreneur Sean Conlon isn't looking for laughs. And in a tense meeting with flipping 'Odd Couple' Mark and Bryan, he makes that point very clear, telling the duo to... [Read More]
05 April 2017
When Chicago house-flipper Bryan Sonn got mad, he got loud. He yelled, swore and sometimes even punched a hole in a wall if he wasn't happy with the construction on his properties. "If I didn't like something the guys were doing, I would just take a hammer and put a hole in it and say, 'Now you... [Read More]
04 April 2017
  Fear and focus were two paramount tools for Sean Conlon, star of all brand new reality series, The Deed Chicago. In this episode, Conlon shares details of journey from an assistant janitor to the fame and fortune he has amassed and now helps others achieve. With a passion for real estate,... [Read More]
04 April 2017
Real estate mogul Sean Conlon has seen every type of neighborhood. As a child, he lived in a 1,000-square-foot house with his family of seven in the small town of Rathangan in County Kildare, Ireland. In 1990, Conlon moved to Chicago with $500 dollars and took a job as an assistant janitor... [Read More]
04 April 2017
3730 N Claremont before rennovation About a year ago I was approached by a TV producer who wanted to know if I had any clients that were trying to flip a home in Chicago but were in deep trouble on their project and... [Read More]
01 April 2017
Baseball, basketball, football? Professional sports figures account for a fair chunk of the notable names to make this week’s roundup. But there are also some things for music lovers and that rare bird — the weather geek. Once you’re done checking out these star-studded transactions, visit and... [Read More]