Sean Conlon Talks Unwavering Work Ethic And ‘The Deed: Chicago’

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Sean Conlon Talks Unwavering Work Ethic And ‘The Deed: Chicago’

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Still from CNBC's show 'The Deed: Chicago'

Real estate mogul Sean Conlon helps property flippers in dire need of help on CNBC’s new program The Deed: Chicago, and during this year’s TCA sessions I had the chance of asking him about the secret to his success. Check out the video below to gain a bit more insight into Conlon’s modus operandi.

“It was my work ethic,” said Sean Conlon when discussing the foundation behind his success. “There’s no magic.”

As Conlon explains in the video, he started off his career in the U.S. as a janitor who followed his real estate passions after his work day was done. When most people are watching television or immediately hitting the hay to decompress their daily pressures, Conlon was cold calling people at night. Working 80-100 hours a week wasn’t a rare thing for the Irish immigrant, as he was determined to make achieve his dreams through good old hard work.

In the video clip below, Conlon talks about a harsh lesson regarding his genial father inspired him to go further with his own career. The proverbial rags to riches story is a fairy tale to most people, but with a ton of blood, sweat, and tears, that dream can be achieved.