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27 July 2017 Chicago Tribune
Sean Conlon is photographed July 20, 2017, at his home in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Conlon is a real estate mogul who stars on “The Deed: Chicago,” a CNBC reality show. (Alexandra Wimley/Chicago Tribune) Chicago real estate mogul Sean Conlon has come a long way from the small home in... [Read More]
18 July 2017
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images Real estate agents have heard all kinds of questions from home sellers, from "How much is my home worth?" to "Should I take that lowball offer or hold out for something better?" And most times, agents are happy to field these queries because they're there to help. And... [Read More]
14 July 2017 Valuetainment
Irish Immigrant Goes from Janitor to Selling Billions in Real Estate. VIDEO:
26 June 2017
If you want to buy a home, then you probably shouldn't spend your summer days idly lying on a beach or at the pool. For 2017, increasing temperatures are coinciding with a scorching hot housing market. "This upward trend continues very strongly with unemployment down and job creation rising,”... [Read More]
19 June 2017 Make It Better
Sean Conlon has been called “the embodiment of the American dream” — a determined immigrant who worked tirelessly at two menial jobs before striking it big. Now a multimillionaire, Conlon is the focus of CNBC’s “The Deed: Chicago.” The reality show features failing real estate projects, investors... [Read More]
16 June 2017 BizCast
Sean Conlon, Founder and CEO of Conlon & Co and the host of CNBC’s "The Deed: Chicago" from BizCast HQ on Vimeo.   Sean J. Conlon is an Irish entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, who’s owned and operated a number of successful real estate companies based in the Chicagoland Chicago and... [Read More]
31 May 2017 CNBC
While 20-somethings have been graduating from colleges across the U.S. this month, higher education remains a privilege that is inaccessible to many. Even though they can be prohibitively expensive, a degree offers more opportunities than ever before, including increasing your future earning... [Read More]
15 May 2017 Mansion Global
Sean Conlon sees increasing value in urban homes, but for him, remoteness is key Sean Conlon and his home in Malibu, California Chicago-based developer and real estate entrepreneur Sean Conlon recently wrapped up season one of the CNBC series “The Deed: Chicago.” The premise: Mr. Conlon came to... [Read More]
03 May 2017 Michigan Avenue Magazine
As the resident expert on CNBC’s The Deed: Chicago, Conlon & Co. chairman Sean Conlon lends his finely-tuned real estate mind (and some much-needed funds) to struggling developers. But, as viewers of the four-episode series (which is available to watch online at can glean, turning a... [Read More]
27 April 2017 CNBC
With hard work, perseverance and luck, three men who started as janitors became self-made millionaires. Each of the men approached their success differently, but each, in his own way, did what it takes to succeed and amass wealth through savvy investing, seeking out opportunities and making every... [Read More]