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31 May 2017 CNBC
While 20-somethings have been graduating from colleges across the U.S. this month, higher education remains a privilege that is inaccessible to many. Even though they can be prohibitively expensive, a degree offers more opportunities than ever before, including increasing your future earning... [Read More]
15 May 2017 Mansion Global
Sean Conlon sees increasing value in urban homes, but for him, remoteness is key Sean Conlon and his home in Malibu, California Chicago-based developer and real estate entrepreneur Sean Conlon recently wrapped up season one of the CNBC series “The Deed: Chicago.” The premise: Mr. Conlon came to... [Read More]
03 May 2017 Michigan Avenue Magazine
As the resident expert on CNBC’s The Deed: Chicago, Conlon & Co. chairman Sean Conlon lends his finely-tuned real estate mind (and some much-needed funds) to struggling developers. But, as viewers of the four-episode series (which is available to watch online at can glean, turning a... [Read More]
27 April 2017 CNBC
With hard work, perseverance and luck, three men who started as janitors became self-made millionaires. Each of the men approached their success differently, but each, in his own way, did what it takes to succeed and amass wealth through savvy investing, seeking out opportunities and making every... [Read More]
27 April 2017 ELAINESIR
Books move us. They can be modes of escapism and fantasy; they can serve as therapy or education, catharsis or self-identification. They allow us to focus – they give permission to drift. Different and differing revelations can surge and mixed emotions can flood. That’s the magic of words. Here is... [Read More]
25 April 2017 Irish Central
Sean Conlon These days, the idea has taken root the American Dream is finished, done, kaput. Just last week, The New York Times noted that a key message in The Fourth Turning, a book beloved by Trump advisor Steve Bannon, is that “the American Dream is dead.” County Kildare native Sean Conlon... [Read More]
21 April 2017
Tasos Katopodis/CNBC Not everyone is cut out to flip houses, not even with the help of real estate guru Sean Conlon of "The Deed: Chicago." As proof, the fourth (and last) installment of this CNBC series, "Playing Defense on the Deed," shows Conlon striking out with his latest protégés, Kai... [Read More]
19 April 2017 CNBC
Real estate mogul Sean Conlon went to the home improvement store with first-time flipper Kai Bandele because he invested $47,000 in a home renovation project she was leading. Conlon was nervous the home renovation was falling behind schedule and he wanted to do what he could to keep tabs on the... [Read More]
18 April 2017 CNBC
Tony Robbins argues that hunger is the most important indicator of success. Self-made real estate tycoon Sean Conlon explains that his own hunger comes from his modest upbringing and immigrant story. Growing up, Conlon's family of seven lived in a 1,000-square-foot home in a small Irish village of... [Read More]
18 April 2017 Huffington Post
Buying and selling property can be a lucrative way to make money...quickly. It can also be the way to lose it. Millions of viewers each week tune in to watch couples buy houses on the cheap, gut a kitchen or bathroom, slap on some paint and make tens of thousands of dollars on their investment in... [Read More]