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28 March 2017 CNBC
Sean Conlon was born and raised in the small town of Rathangan in County Kildare, Ireland. His family of seven lived in a modest home of under 1,000 square feet. His parents struggled and, at one point during his childhood, a bank tried to repossess the house. The experience taught Conlon to value... [Read More]
28 March 2017 The Tom Bernard Podcast
St. Paddy’s Day has come and gone for 2017, but we are joined by Sean Conlon from CNBC’s “The Deed: Chicago” to discuss everything Irish and eventually great real estate investment opportunities for the common man. AUDIO:
27 March 2017 Hollywood Outbreak
On the new show The Deed: Chicago real estate mogul Sean Conlon helps people who are in a bit of trouble with their property project. Conlon, an Irish immigrant who came to the U.S. with just $500 in his pocket, knows a thing or two about hard work, and he’s more than willing to invest in these... [Read More]
27 March 2017 Find Your Seen
Real estate mogul Sean Conlon helps property flippers in dire need of help on CNBC’s new program The Deed: Chicago, and during this year’s TCA sessions I had the chance of asking him about the secret to his success. Check out the video below to gain a bit more insight into Conlon’s modus operandi... [Read More]
27 March 2017 Men's Book
Photography by Quinn Wharton 03.27.17 From a self-taught artist whose iconic work has been exhibited all over the world to a real estate entrepreneur moonlighting as a TV show co-host, the men of Chicago are having a big moment. Here, five trailblazers sound off—in their own words. SEAN CONLON... [Read More]
24 March 2017 Business Insider
In 1990, Seán Conlon came to America from Ireland with only $500. Supporting himself by working as a janitor, he eventually cold-called his way to a career in real estate. Today, the real estate developer, lender, and broker stars in "The Deed: Chicago," which premiers March 29 on CNBC. The series... [Read More]
13 March 2017 Chicago Suntimes
Chicago real estate investor Sean Conlon works with homebuyers from Roscoe Village to the South Side in CNBC’s “The Deed: Chicago.” The show debuts at 9 p.m. March 29. “There’s a lot of real estate porn out there, but this is real,” Conlon told me the other day after filming. “I have new respect... [Read More]
08 March 2017 Bisnow
Sean Conlon is at the top of his game in the real estate industry. He has the confidence of celebrity investors like John Cusack and Bill Rancic, a global network of business contacts, and is equally adept as a high-profile developer, broker and lender. Not bad for an Irish immigrant who was told... [Read More]
03 March 2017 Leinster Leader
Rathangan native, Sean Conlon is set to make his TV debut in the US with his new show “The Deed: Chicago”. The reality television show, will premier on March 29 at 10pm Easter on CNBC. Having emigrated from Newtown, Rathangan in 1990, Sean started out working as a janitor in Chicago before working... [Read More]
28 February 2017 Michigan Avenue Magazine
Chicago real estate mogul Sean Conlon goes Hollywood with CNBC's The Deed. “I had no interest [in] being on television,” Sean Conlon admits. Come March, though, that’s exactly where the Conlon & Co chairman will find himself as co-star of CNBC’s reality series The Deed, for which he was... [Read More]